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About Us


The Cambridge Bar isn't just another run of the mill boozer offering you bland, tasteless and apathetic drinks! We specifically concentrate, research and source the finest Scottish, American, Belgian and occasional English beers to give you a range that tastes, inspires and keeps you coming back for more! The list allows you to dabble in Americas's best kept secrets from The Great Divide Brewing Company to The Iconic Flying Dog Brewery which Hunter himself loved. Also Scotland's own forward thinking brewery Brewdog and the organic Black Isle Brewery are represented to name but two.

The beer list has been chosen to match our fantastic food offering from the grill....gourmet burgers and steaks.

Also keep an eye out for our seasonal products, whether it be a hand crafted ale to a seasonal burger...we believe you should be kept in touch with the ever-changing produce that the seasons cast up.

If wine' s your thing then we offer 15 wines all by the glass and three sparklers by the bottle for that celebratory drink.

Sprits aren't ignored here either as our range focuses on premium award winning brands from around the globe. Closer to home we represent all regions of Scotland's whisky heritage an therefore encapsulate the style that each region displays.